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Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013 – Bliss Welch

Bliss in pink dress wearing crown and sash

Bliss has Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2B and describes herself as Determined, Independent, Loyal, Resilient, and Resourceful. Her goal as Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee will be to shift the focus from what people with disabilities cannot do to what we CAN do and to raise awareness of the Abilities of those with disabilities.

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Bliss sitting behind desk in casual clothing

More About Bliss

Bliss wearing a pink dress sitting under a treeBliss is currently a graduate student working on her Master’s degree in Accountancy at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and holds an undergraduate degree in Organizational Management from Covenant College. She is employed at Island Cove Marina & Resort in the accounting department. Bliss is involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, assists as an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistant, and has also been a guest speaker at the International Dysferlin Conferences held throughout the country. Bliss enjoys hunting deer and new outfits for her 17-month old, Annabelle.

Bliss’ Platform Speech from the 2013 MWTN Pageant

3 Responses to Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013 – Bliss Welch

  • David Anderson says:

    Hi Bliss. A friend of mine told me today about your new honor. I missed it in the paper. You are a great young lady and I am proud to have worked for you.

  • Lamon Scott Templin says:

    Hi im happy to see that there is someone else tryn to help other s that are in ourr situation. I got paralized back in 98 n the nation bullriden finals even tho i won i paid a price doen somen i loved but i dont regret one second of my bullriden career. Ive a hunter n off rd specialist n welder now n i yryn help people understand there is still life out there n i love the look on the peoples face when they finaly see what all they cando lf ud like to holler at some time my number is 423-465-1683

  • Hi Bliss, I am really glad to read article about you. It is hard to predict what you will be or what will happen to you. There are a lot of unpredictable happening to you even health condition. I am proud to see, greet and meet people like you. Physical handicap is only a part of physical disability but this barrier can break through if you believe and trust in yourself. To educate and practice any skill or knowledge regularly to be specialist, this will help everyone to skip from this barrier. Furthermore, you also spare your time to help other people. You are so gorgeous.